Sustainability KEEP AN EYE ON

The expression keep an eye on sums up our vocation for sustainability in its three aspects: environmental, ethical and economic.

We keep an eye on the environment: we save water by reducing the number of manufacturing steps. We choose certified fibres according to international standards. We collect the waste water used for washing our garments and hand it over for disposal in accordance with the law. We separate waste in offices and in production workshops. Next step? We are considering renewable energy solutions (photovoltaic rooftop). We keep an eye on the ethical aspect: we care about people. Our employees are zero miles, because they live a short distance from the company, with an important impact on their quality of life both in terms of time and travel. We keep an eye on the welfare of the territory, because we have not relocated production and all the garments are 100% made in our own factories. Next step? We are thinking about how to rebalance gender equality, because 70% of Calzificio Bresciani is made by women!

We keep an eye on the economic perspective: we are developing projects that not only have a direct impact on economic investments but also on the environment. One for all is the Light Packaging project with the adoption of dust bags for packaging, reusable, in organic cotton, which will replace expensive and environmentally impactful paper and cardboard boxes. Next step? An assessment of our carbon footprint and the study of a plan to offset our CO2.