The Tailors of Socks

We are called the Tailors of Socks and it is a recognition we have earned in the field.

Is it because of the 12 steps we take to make each pair of socks? Is it because of the expert hands of our collaborators, who have been preserving an all-Italian savoir faire for 50 years?

We like to think that it is thanks to the harmonic union between tailoring and technology, authenticity and credibility. That is why our socks have always been imitated, but never equalled! We have a sartorial heritage, which allows us an innovative continuity with our past. We are proud of our heritage, made up of a history of enterprise, a combination of made in Italy and international experience. We remain faithful to our DNA, interpreting styles and trends and designing contemporary and timeless garments.

One of our most powerful points is our bond with the territory. All our garments are made in our own factories, to guarantee 100% Made in Italy and an absolute control of the supply chain and production processes, from the yarn to the ready garment. One aspect in which we constantly invest is technology. We have a fleet of up-to-date, high-level proprietary machines such as the single-cylinder and double-cylinder machine ranging from 120 to 264 needles.


Each pair of socks is hand-finished with a coloured bow at the tip. Each colour corresponds to a size, it has the advantage of joining the socks without damaging the weave, and it can be removed easily without using scissors. It is our trademark!


1.KNITTING: Socks weaving process.
2.LINKING: Manual tip closure.
3.CHECKING: Check and manual adjustments.
4.WASHING : Dry wash. Some socks are washed in a water for quality testing.
5.IRONING: Manual ironing on shape.
6 PAIRING : Manual pairing by size.
7.PAPER INSERTING: Manual insertion into each single sock of white or black tissue paper.
8.THREADS: Manual wire removal.
9.BOW: Manual application of our trademark, a colored thread which joins the pair of socks.
10.CARDBOARD RIDER: Each pair of socks is paired with a personalized cardboard rider.
11.DECAL: Each sock is customized with logo printing.
12.PACKAGING: The socks are wrapped in a personalized tissue paper and placed in an organic cotton dust bag.